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Lakewood Christian Middle School was established out of a strong belief in the importance of the family in the growth and development of adolescents. We value the opportunity to partner with parents and families to help mature and equip young people to be productive and responsible citizens of their home, church and community. 

Through smaller classes and personal relationships with teachers, students build a sense of responsibility, strengthen study habits, and grow in their understanding of their faith in Jesus Christ as they are academically trained each day. Students benefit from a departmentalized program with a “big school” feel, while enjoying the comfort of a small school community.

Letter from the Principal

What We Offer

Academically challenging curriculum taught from a Christian worldview by credentialed, loving teachers that understand the adolescent mind.

  • Science – hands-on labs to prepare students for high school and beyond
  • Math – structured, intense, concept-based Math, with Algebra I in 8th grade
  • English – comprehensive English program focusing on writing & grammar
  • History – focus on note-taking skills, primary and secondary source skills, and creative projects to enhance learning
  • Bible – comprehensive worldview curriculum through Summit Ministries coupled with a focus on discipleship, prayer, service, and relationships
  • P.E. and sports programs that teach character, competition, and skills while helping student-athletes understand the life lessons taught through sports.
  • Two engaging elective periods each day that give students access to learning new skills, exploring passion points, and developing new interests.
  • Curriculum-focused and Biblically integrated field trips across every grade level
  • House System that improves leadership skills, develops friendships, creates unity and respect, fosters healthy competition, and plays a key part in our anti-bullying strategy.
  • Engaging, age-appropriate chapels that work through topics that are important to Middle School students and their families.
  • Special middle school only events and competitions that are aimed at building community among 6th-8th grade students.
  • Award-winning music program that includes choir, band, and private lessons that teach a blend of classical and contemporary music through performance, writing and recording
  • Digital tools that keep parents up to speed with student grades, keep students engaged in the classroom, teach collaborative skills, and emphasize regular communication with teachers and administration.
  • Innovator’s Lab that is focused on teaching 21st Century skills as well as trade-based skills.
  • Large classrooms and small class sizes that provide plenty of flexible learning space for each student.

Big Events

Mini competitions, dress up days, and a whole lot of school spirit! Students get a chance to go a little crazy in this fun-filled, competition focused week.
We believe that students learn best through experiences. Because of that, we craft grade-level-specific field trips and activities aimed at teaching students to create a missional mindset.
Field trips are evaluated and tweaked each year to make sure students are getting to experience a variety of subjects in the real world. From science trips to history tours, we have a lot to offer!
Heart, Soul, Mind, or Strength. Which House will you end up in? Our House system creates a "community within our community" to really help students feel connected.

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