A Firm Foundation through Kindergarten

At LCS we view kindergarten as a base for long-term academic and scholastic success. Our program is collaborative, developmentally appropriate, and built on the principles of teaching to the whole child academically, socially, spiritually.

We want our students to love school, and we understand that stress inhibits learning. Using a growth mindset, we want our kindergarten students to come to school with an attitude of “I want to try that!” As a result, subjects are taught through reading, singing, moving, writing and creating. Our classrooms are beautiful and vibrant, and our teachers are fun and loving.


In addition to math and reading, our students learn in social studies about our community helpers, our country, and lives of children around the world, while fostering a sense of respect and understanding for others. In science our students learn about our five senses, agriculture, and nature, to name a few.

Play in the Curriculum

Play is a child’s work. It is the way children discover themselves and the world around them. Each day kindergarten kids at LCS explore content through Legos and blocks, learning games, imaginative play in the “home center”, paint center, or art table.

A Day in Kindergarten

  • LCS families may choose half day or full day to meet their child’s needs.

  • A typical day begins with a morning meeting where the children use math and reading skills as they look at the calendar, the weather and pattern charts.

  • Students then work both in a whole group on the rug and in small groups at learning tables. The teacher, the classroom aide, and our marvelous parent volunteers lead table time. Recesses, lunch and rest time allow for needed and enriching breaks.

  • Kindergartners enjoy weekly PE, music class, library time and a broad variety of field trips to enhance their academic day. Field trips include a trip to Centennial Farms, Long Beach Fire Station #1, and our favorite Dentist.

What Parents are Saying

Kindergarten at LCS is simply the best. My son grew academically, socially, and most importantly spiritually. His teacher was patient, nurturing, and made learning fun. He still talks about Dinosaur Week and bringing his favorite teddy bear to school! Thank you LCS kindergarten staff for creating a positive learning environment and setting the stage for learning in such a positive manner!

Stacy, Parent

There is simply no place like Kindergarten! I had the privilege of teaching Kindergarten for 13 years before having children. We have had two children go through the Kindergarten program at LCS and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Kindergarten at Lakewood Christian School provides a solid foundation. Our children received such a well rounded education. Not only did they grow academically and socially, but spiritually as well. The LCS experience is top notch, our children love school, learning, and Jesus. One of the most important aspects of Christian education is that it is distinctly “Christian.” We have observed each teacher, administrator, and staff person at LCS modeling a biblical worldview and reinforcing the gospel lived out in daily life. While we as parents take seriously and are ultimately responsible for raising up our children in the way they should go, it is a blessing to find spiritual camaraderie, mentoring, and encouragement for our kids at LCS. Every child is cared for and truly loved.

Sam, Parent

Lakewood Christian Kindergarten was established out of a genuine love and concern for young children and a strong belief in the importance of the family in the growth and development of children.

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