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At LCS we view kindergarten as a base for long-term academic and scholastic success.  Our program is collaborative, developmentally appropriate and build on the principles of teaching the whole child academically, socially, and spiritually.  We want our students to love school, and we understand that stress inhibits learning.  Using a growth mindset we help our kindergarten students develop a mindset of “I want to try that!” As a result, subjects are taught through reading, singing, moving, writing and creating.  Our classrooms are beautiful and vibrant and our teachers are fun and loving.  

Letter from the Kindergarten Team

A Day in

LCS families may choose half day or full day to meet their child’s needs.  A typical day begins with a morning meeting where the children use math and reading skills as they look at the calendar, the weather, and pattern charts. Students then work both in a whole group on the rug and in small groups at learning tables.  The teacher, the classroom aide, and our marvelous parent volunteers and table time.  Recesses, lunch and rest time allow for needed and enriching breaks.  

Kindergartners enjoy weekly PE, music class, library time, and time spent in our Innovators Lab.  Field trips include a trip to the Centennial Farms, Long beach Fire Station #1, and our favorite Dentist. 


In addition to math and reading, our students learn in social studies about our community helpers, our country, and lives of children around the world, while fostering a sense of respect and understanding for others.  In science our students learn about their five senses, agriculture, and nature, to name a few.  

Play in the Curriculum

Play is a child’s work. It is the way children discover themselves and the world around them.  Each day kindergarten students at LCS explore content through a variety of situations including Legos and blocks, learning games, imagination playin the :home center:, the paint center and the art table. 

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