Expected Student Outcomes

Christ-centered Education Emphasizing Academic Excellence

Lakewood Christian Schools provides an academic, spiritual, and social foundation for students so that upon 8th grade graduation they will be well prepared to step into high school. Balance is sought by providing a loving, caring, and developmental atmosphere through rigorous coursework, intentional relationship, and partnership between home and school. 

Lakewood Christian Schools commits to creating an environment where students will show:

Academic Excellence

  • Students will learn to read, write, think, and compute as measured by the standards for each grade and subject.
  • Students will understand a Biblical Worldview and how it fits into each subject area.
  • Students will use technology, as appropriate, to enhance and facilitate learning.
  • Students will participate in music, art, and other performing art to enrich learning and creativity.
  • Students will steadily progress towards each grade level, and ultimately 8th grade graduation, to excel in the high school program of their choosing.

Spiritual Development

  • Students will regularly hear the Gospel and be given the choice to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
  • Students will commit to learning the Word of God by studying the Bible and memorizing scripture at their level.
  • Students will be given opportunities to demonstrate their love for God through service projects, missions, and worship.
  • Students will write a personal belief statement by the end of 8th grade, demonstrating what they believe about their Christian faith and why.

Responsible Citizenship

  • Students will learn preparedness and organizational skills.
  • Students will be encouraged to show leadership in the classroom, as well as school-wide, in order to practice honesty and integrity.
  • Students will have the opportunity to develop their character and discipline through participation in various community events.

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