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Lakewood Christian Preschool was established out of love for young children and the desire to serve the families in our community. We aspire to provide a safe, nurturing environment where children learn that they are loved by God, that school is an exciting place to be, and where they can develop confidence in their abilities. 

Our program provides learning experiences in an atmosphere of play to encourage your child’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development.

Letter from the Director

Preschool Summer Program

Our Summer Program consists of: language and literacy development, science, and math concepts exercising large & fine motor skills, creative expression, and implementing sensory play. Children will explore hands-on learning themes to help them experience more of God’s world around them. Each week there will be a special activity which may include: chapel, cooking, an on-site special guest, a walk to the park, water play days, or a fun dress-up day, etc.

What We Offer

Spiritual Development

In simple age-appropriate ways, through Bible stories, prayer, and the Christian example of teachers, we provide opportunities for each child to grow in their understanding of God and His love for us and encourage positive character traits (wisdom, kindness, obedience, forgiveness).

We provide activities that help develop control over large muscles (legs, arms, back) and small muscles (hands, eyes). These physical activities build neurological pathways in the brain that are necessary before the child can successfully proceed to the high levels of formal education.

We plan activities (dramatic play, conversation, creative story dictation) that help children make sense of the world around them while they learn to care for others and develop the important skills of cooperation and problem-solving.

Guiding and encouraging children through activities and situations that help develop confidence, self-help skills, and a better understanding of themselves, family, and their culture.

Working with each individual child’s strengths and needs, we strive to provide activities that promote a life-long love of learning and promote creativity, curiosity, and the growth of the child’s emerging skills in literacy, language, investigation, and math.

Big Events

Children explore the fall season by walking to the park, experiencing first-hand changes in our neighborhood. They get to pick a pumpkin and participate in fall activities at our Pumpkin Patch. We end our fall season by joining together for a feast with friends
Throughout December, children are introduced to the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy hearing stories about Jesus' birth. They start learning songs that coincide with the story. We end our December with our traditional Christmas Carol Sing, where we share the songs we've learned with our families.
Some of our special days include Friday Chapel, Grandparents Day, Daddy & Me Day, Hibernation Day, Winter Picnic, Mommy & Me Day, Dr. Suess Day, Junior Jog a Thon, Class Parties, End of Year Picnic & Patriotic Parade.
Our Summer Program comprises Language and Literacy, Science, Math Concepts, Large & Fine Motor Skills, Creative Expression, and Sensory Play. Children will explore hands-on learning themes to help them experience more of God's world around them. Each week there will be a unique activity which may include: chapel, cooking, an on-site special guest, water play days, or a fun dress-up day.

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