The Mission of the LCS Arts Program is to provide a place for students of all talent levels to glorify God through various mediums of Visual and Performing Art. Through the disciplines of choir, drama, fine art, and instrumental music, our goal is to encourage and broaden the creative talents that God has given our students and to inspire students to achieve the highest standards of craft and character in their chosen medium(s).

Program Highlights

Angels Stadium, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, ACSI Band Festival and More!


LCS Elementary students have opportunities learn any woodwind, brass or percussion instruments, and receive weekly private lessons during the school day.  In Elementary School we offer Beginning Band, Advanced Band, and Jazz Band, white our Middle School offers a Band elective which takes place during the school day. 


LCS choirs engage in deepening music theory exploration, reading, music and singing in multiple parts on a variety of songs and musical genres. A large focus is placed on worship leading, cultivating hearts of worship, and viewing music as a means of creatively expressing gratitude to our loving Creator. 

Fine Art

LCS students have access to a wide variety of visual art courses. K-5th grade students receive general art instruction that introduces students to a wide variety of art making practices and skills focused on developing fine motor skills and creativity. Middle school art offers opportunities for learning many different disciplines including: drawing, painting, 3D art, Illustration, and Ideation all with the intent of teaching students to glorify God through art.

Core Values

Glorification of God​

Glorification of God

Pursuing excellence in Art as a means of focusing our affections on and worshiping the Lord in our hearts, minds, and souls. We help students find inspiration, enjoyment, and satisfaction from excellent and beautiful artistic offerings

Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of Excellence

As artists, we want our students to be able recognize excellence, work toward excellence, and achieve excellence. This is done through intentional practice, dedication to their craft, and seeking feedback



Failure is an essential part of learning that builds resilience and character in students. Through struggle and failure students have their greatest growth



Learning how to be a creative problem solver is a skill that translates in all fields of life and all of our artists will learn to tap into this God-given gift in order to better understand and perform their art

Integrated Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

Art is used to enhance learning of other subjects and deepen understanding and our students will learn to look for these connections continually as they hone their specific art

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