Who We Are

Mission and Purpose Statement

The purpose of Lakewood Christian Schools is the same as Arbor Road Church: To know God and make Him known. 

The Mission of Lakewood Christian Schools is to assist parents in the maturing of their children by providing a Christ-centered education. Emphasizing academic excellence that prepares students to stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ and be productive, responsible citizens at home, at church, and in our community. 

The preschool, elementary, middle school, and academy work together to provide a distinct experience for each developmental stage while remaining cohesive to serve families with children from two years nine months old to twelfth grade.

Our History

1978 - 1986: The Beginning

Lakewood Christian Schools, originally named First Baptist Church of Lakewood Elementary School (FBCOLES), began as a preschool in 1978 under the direction of Mary Graves, and our Senior Pastor at the time, Dr. James Borror. It was the vision of First Baptist Church of Lakewood, now known as Arbor Road Church, to begin a day school in order to reach more students and families for Christ, that the halls were filled each day, and that the rooms would overflow with those seeking a Christ-centered education. 

  • In 1979, the school grew and added Kindergarten through third grade with a total enrollment of 41 students.
  • From 1982-1986, an additional grade level added each year, reaching sixth grade in 1986.
  • Careful stewardship during this time created a firm foundation for the school to grow exponentially in the years to come.

1986 - 2002: Growing and Developing

  • An additional classroom was added to each grade level to accept more students while still keeping class sizes small.
  • Our Before and After-School Program was created to help meet the needs of a growing community of working parents.
  • Increased programming throughout the campus including the school’s first computer lab led to cutting edge learning.
  • After-school athletics began and gave students an opportunity to compete and better themselves through sports.
  • The school board began planning for an addition of “middle school grades” to the school as they recognized the desire of parents to continue their student’s Christian education beyond elementary school.

2002 - 2013: Continuing the Legacy

  • Grades 6 and 7 were added with the purpose of providing age-specific academic, social, and Spiritual needs of teens and pre-teens as they continued to mature in their faith. 
  • Lockers were purchased and middle school specific chapel programming was introduced into the new grades to help students feel more distinct from elementary school.
  • A robust elective system was created to expose student to numerous interests and hobbies they could explore in high school and beyond.
  • The school officially changed its name to Lakewood Christian Schools.
  • Our first set of student teachers began at LCS, giving us the opportunity to train up the next generation of educators to step into the classroom for God’s glory. 
  • LCS became dually accredited from both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in 2010.

2013 - Present: Building on Success

  • Major facility improvements were made including remodeled classrooms, new administrative offices, Innovators Lab, an updated playground and athletic area, and a redesign of the Early Childhood area of Arbor Road Church, which allowed the Preschool to officially become a full-day preschool. 
  • Special Education was added to LCS out of a desire to meet as many student needs as possible.
  • The middle school House System was added, which created unity within the middle school by promoting a culture of belonging, academic excellence, faith embodiment, and building positive character traits for all students.
  • The Administration Team shifted to allow for team members to each serve a distinct age group of students.
  • Seeing a need to offer students access to more cutting edge technology and programming, LCS moved swiftly to provide 1:1 devices in middle school access to devices in elementary school, online classroom resources
  • Students began consistently learning about Fine Art, cutting edge technology, and trade-based skills as LCS hired a full time Fine Arts teacher and Innovator’s Lab teacher.

God continues to bless us with terrific Christian teachers and wonderful students. As we continue to enjoy our legacy of Christian Education since 1978, we e celebrate what God has done and is doing through our school, our staff, and our students. Our alumni tell us how God is using them in the world to reach others for Christ, an many have accepted Christ as their savior through this ministry.  We are excited about the opportunity to continue to lay a foundation in young lives that will encourage and help them to “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”  

Please pray with us in this endeavor and consider ways in which you can be involved and share in the blessings with us.


Lakewood Christian Schools is proud to be dually accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Accreditation is a process in which a school is formally reviewed by educators outside their organization to certify the school is meeting all formal official requirements of academic excellence, curriculum, facilities, certification and more. Visiting accreditation team members most recently gave Lakewood Christian Schools the following Major Commendations.

Creating Familial Environment

The Administration, Faculty, and Staff create a caring, family-like atmosphere and maintain a high level of rapport with students and families.

The Administration, Faculty, and Staff ensure that student care is the highest priority by creating a safe place for the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of students.

The Board and Administration provide security officers, cameras, gates, Emergency Scenario curriculum, and have created a safety task force for a safe and secure campus. 

The Administration and Faculty ensure Biblical Integration in all curriculum, supporting the school’s philosophy that Biblical worldview is being taught throughout the instructional time. 

The Board and Administration have a strong commitment to hiring highly qualified ACSI certified personnel who support the school’s core foundational statements in order to minister to students spiritually and academically with excellence. 

Administration, Faculty and Staff consistently use communication tools to ensure that parents, students, and alumni are informed.

The Administration and Middle School Faculty have created and implemented their House System giving the students a feeling of belonging, encouraging their spiritual walk, and promoting a sense of kindness. 

The Board has established the Bill Teunissen Endowment to allow up to 50% grant money helping families pay for their tuition.

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