The Mission of the LCS Innovation Program is to provide a creative place for students to think about problems and solutions differently while working together, fostering empathy, learning from failure, and developing perseverance.  Through the teaching of the 4 C’s (Collaboration, communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking), we coach students to actively engage in the design thinking process and to put forward unique, thoughtful, and creative solutions to problems that our world has…all for God’s glory.   

What is the Design Process?

The Design Process is a guide that helps our students look at problems differently and helps them work through creating solutions  by starting with empathizing with the person or organization impacted by a problem.

Empathize: Learning about the needs of a specific person, group, or organization.

Define: Clearly articulate what the need(s) of that person, group, or organization is/are.

Ideate: Create unique, exciting, and ridiculous ideas to solve the problem(s)

Prototype: Choose a solution and begin to build it at a small scale.

Test: Test drive any prototype to see if it works. Adjust as needed.

Implement: Communicate your solution to the world.

The 4 C's

Students learn that to truly innovate, they must work together to accomplish goals, meet deadlines, and create solutions. Our lab creates space for students to actively and consistently seek feedback from their peers, try new ideas, and share the rewards of true team effort.

Communication skills are foundational to so many things. Jobs, relationships, conflict resolution and so much more. Students are taught not just the importance of these skills, but are given ample opportunity to practice them in real world scenarios, ultimately working towards real world solutions

“Let’s look at this from another perspective.” We want students breaking the mold in how they approach a problem and asked to provide solutions, which forces them to think about things from all angles.

Looking at problems in one aspect of our Innovators Lab, but to truly understand the problem we ask students to being with Empathy as to help them understand the need. Doing so puts students in the practice of thinking of others first as they seek to solve problems.

Innovators Lab Bridge Building Competition winners

Learn Traditional Skills


Building and Construction

Proper Tool Usage




Exercise Creativity

Practice being create within the parameters of a design challenge 

Skill Building



3D modeling

3D Printing


Block Coding

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