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The Lakewood Christian Academy was established to provide an alternative for families who want the benefits of the LCS community while pursuing their God-given call to homeschool their children. 

We work with individual families to understand individual needs and then come alongside families and give support, encourage, and guidance in curriculum, lesson plans, and accountability, all while being under the legal “umbrella” of Lakewood Christian Academy.

Letter from the Director


Private School Program

Being a part of our homeschool group means that you have access to a supportive and inclusive community of like-minded individuals who share the same goal of providing quality education and meaningful learning experiences for our children.  Families choose their own curriculum, plan their own lesson plans, and partner where they would like, all while being under the legal “umbrella” of Lakewood Christian Academy 


Homeschooling is a unique educational option that empowers students to learn in a personalized and meaningful way.  The LCA Homeschool Director is ready to support your family’s homeschool journey by helping with curriculum choices, finding resources, answering questions, and keeping you on track throughout the school year.  

LCS Connection

Your family can have community by attending weekly chapels, joining LCS sports, attending Middle School elective classes, and LCS PTF Family nights.  Families can also attend class field trips or multi-day trips with older grades. 

Curriculum Guidance

The Homeschool Director can help guide you when its time for your family to choose curricula.  We have many resources to help you find the best fit for your child.  

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