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Thank you so much to everyone who attended our Foundation Dinner Fundraiser!

The weather was perfect, the ocean view spectacular, and the energy was high! The goal for the night was to raise enough money to purchase a trailer as well as two 12-passenger vans for the band and athletic programs. In just one night we raised over $25,000 which helped us reach our first goal, giving us enough funds to purchase a trailer for our band and athletic programs!

We still have 6 months to reach our 2nd & 3rd goals for the 2019/2020 school year!  If we can get 200 people to commit to giving an extra $240 to the LCS Foundation, (that’s just $40 a month for the next 6 months),  all three goals will be reached!!  If you’d like to help us reach our 2019/2020 Fund A Need goal, click the link below to GIVE.

At LCS, we take learning and extra curricular opportunities into our community! Traveling to and from games, concerts, and trips is an integral part of the LCS experience. For years these opportunities have placed a burden on our families, our equipment, and our staff. Families graciously volunteer to take off work, load up their own vehicles with kids, equipment, and instruments then incur additional wear and tear on their vehicles. Staff have to troubleshoot transportation issues which pulls their full focus from the kids.

As we look at our first major need for LCS to take steps forward and support the growing needs of families in our school, we believe making capital investments into transportation resources will impact our school and help our extra curricular programs continue to expand. The investments into a trailer and van(s) ensure that our students are driving in the safest vehicle possible as they travel. Our sports and arts leaders have shared the unity that can be built as the team or band bonds together as an entire squad. Finally, it limits the requests we are making to parents alleviating that pressure to volunteer and instead to simply go to games and celebrate their child.

Imagine how these practical gifts would promote our school as the van and trailer with our school logo drives through the community. Won’t you “Fund A Need” to help our students, teachers, coaches and parents?

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