A Letter from The Principal

Dear Future LCS Middle School Families, 

Do you remember your first day in middle school? I do. Every one of my friends went to a different middle school, my school had over 500 students in only two grades, and I was very obviously “the new kid”. Needless to say, I was terrified.

Students in middle school are not quite ready for the responsibilities and freedoms of high school, but they are also (in their own words) definitely no longer an elementary schooler.  The media will tell you to expect one thing while older friends and siblings may tell a different story. Our students live in the “in-between” and it can be clunky, frustrating, and messy. However, it can also be so rewarding!

There is so much more to middle school than the stereotypes we see or hear about in popular culture. These young men and women are learning to come into their own as independent thinkers, they are taking risks and gaining confidence, and they are cementing their moral foundations. What a blessing to be able to be part of that journey. I consider it an honor to come alongside you as you help your child navigate the reality of middle school, which in many ways is a microcosm of the real world.

My first day in middle school was scary and overwhelming, but that was not my lasting memory of that place. I remember lunches with Cody, Adam, and Daveon.  I remember learning how to use a disc sander for the first time in Mr. Strimatter’s woodshop.  Mrs. Benson’s advice of “finish something you start” still rings in my head today. My middle school experience is one that I look back on with fond memories, and while I know not everyone had that same experience, it’s an experience that I want your child to have here at LCMS.

I look forward to seeing how God uses your child’s unique talents and gifts to further the kingdom, and I truly hope that I’ll be witness to it here in the halls of LCMS. I’m here for whatever you need. Please reach out!

In His service,

David Gantt


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