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Lakewood Christian Academy
Co-op (LCAC)

The LCA Co-Op is different from our LCA PSP. The purpose of the co-op is to provide a community for homeschooling parents and their families. Students will participate in enrichment activities, attend chapel, make friends, and have the opportunity to interact in a class setting.

We are blessed to be able to use the facilities and staff of Lakewood Christian Schools and will be meeting Tuesdays from noon-2:45pm. Classes may include art, music, PE, and the new Innovator’s Lab on the LCS campus. For the foreseeable future, classes will only be offered to K-5 students, but all siblings are welcome to join their family on-campus.

Parental involvement is a encouraged but not required.  Upon registering you may select where you would prefer to serve. We will be planning holiday events and promotions for the end of the school year as well.

The weekly fee is $50/week and charged on a monthly basis per enrolled student.

We would love to see you and your family on-campus this fall as a unique part of the LCS community.

Please click the button below to access our LCAC Informational Packet. Application link and process are outlined on the last page of your packet.

Co-op Info Packet

Lakewood Christian Academy
Private School Program (PSP)

Lakewood Christian Schools has an alternative for families who would like the benefit of the LCS community while working from home.

Lakewood Christian Academy is a homeschool that has been a part of our program since 2013. LCA is for students in grades K-12, whose families want an independent homeschooling option. Families choose their own curriculum, plan their own lesson plans, and partner where they would like, all while being under the legal “umbrella” of Lakewood Christian Academy.

LCA director collects lesson plans, attendance and grades from parents each quarter, and manages student files and transcripts.

Families enroll in LCA by completing the application below and paying an annual tuition of $300.00. Discounts apply for returning families and for multiple children.

The LCA tuition covers:

  • A private school affidavit as your legal umbrella, K-12
  • Cumulative records on file with attendance and health records, standardized test scores and report cards
  • Official transcripts
  • Authorization for work permits
  • Use of facilities for PSP events
  • Weekly email newsletter, “Bear Tracks” to be informed of LCS events
  • School pictures/ LCA Student ID and Parent(teacher) ID
  • Standardized testing on the LCS campus each April
  • Invitation to LCS chapels (Fridays at 8am for MS, and Tuesdays at 2:10pm for ES)
  • Invitation to MS (grades 6th-8th) electives
    • Electives are 5 days a week, for 9 weeks, for an additional $290 per quarter
    • Electives are two periods: 7th period from 1:45-2:25, and 8th from 2:30-3:10
    • MS Band & Choir are a year-long elective requiring a daily commitment for an additional $1,150
    • LCA students must commit to daily attendance when choosing this option
  • Invitation to 4th-8th grade trips See LCS for prices and details
    4th – Sacramento/ San Francisco
    5th – Science Camp in the mountains
    6th – History Trip
    7th – Science Camp
    8th – Mission Trip

For more information call the school office at 562-425-3358

Lakewood Christian Academy

Private School Program/ Homeschool
Financial Facts 2022-2023

Registration: (non-refundable)
New families $150 per year per family
Returning families $100 per year per family

Tuition: (10 payments, September – June)

Monthly Annually
 K-12th grade  $40    $400
 Family discounts:
 2nd Child:  $17.50  $200
 3rd child:  $12.50  $150
 4th child:  $10.00  $125
 5th child:  $10.00  $100

Your tuition covers the cost of our PSP Director who manages your files, grades and transcripts, Standardized Testing materials and scoring, and a small budget for copies, postage, and other office supplies, as well as facility use for PSP events.

Middle School Electives:
Electives are 5 days a week, 9 weeks (except half days and school holidays), for an additional $290 per quarter
MS Band & Choir are a year-long elective requiring a daily commitment for an additional $1,150


  1. Tuition is due and payable on the first of each month and late after the 3rd. Late fees will be assessed after the 3rd for $50. First and last month’s tuition are non-refundable.
  2. Tuition accounts must be kept current. The school reserves the right to terminate the tuition contract if parent responsibilities are not met.
  3. All accounts will be billed monthly through LCS and will include tuition, late fees and any other fees incurred.
LCA Application
LCA Re-Enrollment