House of Mind


The House of Mind is a force to be reckoned with, especially when they put their ins together and work as a team. they care deeply about knowing each other, making God's love known to others in everything they do, and standing out for the nonconforming worldview of Jesus. As their house name suggests, students in Mind are known for including others in their day-to-day interactions and for using their minds in academics. Eagles strive to be the ones our school relies on to listen when thins are high and low.

Like the Chicago Cubs, the House of Mind is looking for their next win in the yearly House Competition. While still in pursuit of that win, House of Mind has dominated the Turkey Bowl for four years running, showing that they have an arena where they can overcome the odds when they put their minds to it. Welcome to the Eagle Convocation!!
Play Video about Students strategize on how to win the game during the fall house competitions

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