Staff Directory

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Administration Team

Melissa Clayton
Melissa ClaytonPreschool Director
Brenda Barton
Brenda BartonElementary Principal
David Gantt
David GanttMiddle School Principal

Elementary School

Mindy Truman
Mindy TrumanKindergarten Teacher
Sam Zabel
Sam ZabelKindergarten Teacher
Cheryl Yeaton
Cheryl Yeaton1st Grade Teacher
Tammy Demazeliere
Tammy Demazeliere1st Grade Teacher
Maddy Burch
Maddy Burch2nd Grade Teacher
Erika Kimura
Erika Kimura2nd Grade Teacher
Cody Kirtz
Cody Kirtz3rd Grade Teacher
Megan Ramaekers
Megan Ramaekers3rd Grade Teacher
Heather Rosique
Heather Rosique4th Grade Teacher
Tammy Schaub
Tammy Schaub4th Grade Teacher
Donna Gisbert
Donna Gisbert5th Grade Teacher
Tamara Novak
Tamara Novak5th Grade Teacher
Kristy Winbauer
Kristy WinbauerElementary PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Middle School

Drew Grateke
Drew Grateke6-8 Bible Teacher
Emma Woods
Emma Woods6-8 Math Teacher
Katrina Kirtz
Katrina Kirtz6-8 Science Teacher
Matt Bender
Matt Bender6-8 History Teacher
Pepper Martinez
Pepper Martinez6-8 English Teacher
Steve Scherer
Steve Scherer6-8 PE Teacher

Preschool Teachers & Staff

Photos & Names Coming Soon


Diana Norton
Diana NortonExecutive Assistant
Nicole Rosquin
Nicole RosquinAdmissions Coordinator
Breana Kuyper
Breana KuyperPreschool Administrative Assistant
Debbie Gire
Debbie GireBusiness Office Manager


Jeff Zabel
Jeff ZabelMusic and Choir Teacher
Kate Phelps
Kate PhelpsBand Teacher
Bianca Verduzco
Bianca VerduzcoBear Club Director
Lauren Gill
Lauren GillArt Teacher
Heather McElhaney
Heather McElhaneyInnovators Lab Teacher

After-School Care & Enrichment Staff

Lakewood Christian Schools Elementary School & Middle School includes dozens of part-time staff.

  • Enrichment Elective Teachers
  • Teacher Specialists & Support Aides
  • Bear Club After School Staff
  • Playground & Lunch Staff

Parents will be provided a staff directory each year at the start of quarters 1 & 3. Please email our Executive Assistant ( for faculty, teacher and staff emails.