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What to Wear to School

It is primarily the parent’s responsibility to monitor their student’s dress before leaving home and entering school.
The student and parent will be contacted regarding any violation.

Applies to all students:

All clothes should fit properly. You may allow for growth, but baggy, “gang style” clothing will not be permitted, nor will clothes that are excessively tight. Both are inappropriate for school.

All clothing must be clean and neat, not frayed or torn.

Shirts – Must be solid color polo style shirts (2, 3, or 4 buttons, with a collar). They may be any solid color, long or short sleeve. The only
permissible writing or insignia is the small manufacturer’s logo. Collars must be the same solid color as the shirt. No stripes or pictures, letters, or words are allowed. Additionally, School Spirit shirts may be worn any day of the week. No other shirts may be worn.

Pants – Must be navy or tan in color. Navy (dark blue) jeans are acceptable, as are navy or tan pants of any other fabric. Pants may be long, ankle length, “capri” length or “walking” short styles. If shorts are worn they must be no shorter than 6” from the floor while kneeling. They must be hemmed. Sweatpants are not permitted. “Sagging” pants are inappropriate for school.

Overalls – Long navy (dark blue) or tan overalls are acceptable, with a uniform shirt/top (see shirts/tops below.) Overall bibs must be fastened at both shoulders. Overall shorts or overall capri pants are not permitted. No other pants will be allowed.

Shoes – Must be conducive to the classroom and playground. Sandals and dress shoes are inappropriate, as are any high heels, platform shoes, open toes, or open heels. Some type of socks or tights must be worn. Tennis shoe soles must be 2” or less. No “wheelies” permitted on campus. Wheels must be removed for these shoes to be used as tennis shoes.

Hat/Caps – Only the school logo baseball cap may be worn on the playground. No other hats or caps will be allowed. Caps will not be worn inside the school buildings.

Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Jackets/and other outer garments – Any solid color sweater, sweatshirt, jacket or other outer garment is acceptable. It must be free of writing, pictures, etc. The only permissible writing is a small manufacturer’s logo. (less than 2” in diameter) Uniform tops/shirts must be worn beneath any sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets or other outer garment. Additionally, School Spirit sweatshirts may be worn any day of the week.

Applies to Boys

Hair – Should be clean and well groomed. Hair lower than the eyebrows, or covering the eyes is inappropriate. “Tails,” “tracks,” “bic shaved” heads, wild colors, or other “distracting styles” are inappropriate. Dyed hair must look natural for all boys. No deep black hair dye.

Jewelry – Any jewelry worn should be masculine and tasteful. Earrings are inappropriate for boys at school.

Applies to Girls

Hair – Should be clean and well groomed. Styles should be simple and easy to care for. Shaved heads (complete or partial), wild colors, or
distracting styles are inappropriate. Dyed hair must look natural. No deep black hair dye.

Make-up – Make-up is inappropriate for elementary school girls. Middle School girls’ make-up should look natural and not be “noticeable.”

Shirts/Tops – Proper undergarments must be worn by older girls.

Jewelry – Any jewelry worn must be tasteful. The only permissible earrings are stud/post or small (<1”) hoops.

Skirts/Skorts/Jumpers – Must be navy or tan in color. They must be no shorter than 5” from the floor while kneeling.
(Slits higher than 5” from the floor while kneeling are unacceptable.)

Polo dresses must be navy or tan as to match the color required for pants/bottoms.

Leggings are considered to be like tights and may not be worn alone. When worn under a skirt, like tights, they may have a print.


  • Parents bear the primary responsibility for dress code.
  • First time violations will receive a note home indicating what the problem was. This must be signed by a parent and returned the following day.
  • Subsequent violations will result in the student being withheld from class until the proper attire is brought to school for the student to wear.
  • Hair violations will be cause for the student’s removal from class until corrections or modifications can be made to comply with the dress code.