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Michael (’07)

I am married now and currently working for the Sheriff’s Department. Between hanging out with my wife and keeping Orange County safe, I try and find time to be involved in the youth group at church. I am pursuing a Masters in Theology and Criminal Justice and have no idea what the Lord will call me to do with them but I am ready and willing.
LCS allowed me to mature in a way that most young teens cannot in middle school. It established a relationship between students and teachers that not only developed in me an appreciation for education but also a love for LCS staff that I cherish to this day!


Kayden (’10)
I am a junior majoring in Applied Behavior Analysis and Human Development at Binghamton University in New York. I work at a non profit engagement program that uses art to facilitate a positive interaction between people with disabilities and their families. I also conduct research on the stigmatization of Autistic adults in higher education and the workplace.
LCS gave me teachers who cared about my interests and allowed me to modify assignments to pursue them. They also cared about me as a person and continued to support me as I transitioned to high school and beyond. I made my closest friend at LCS, with whom I still have regular contact with today.

Hannah (’16)
I go to Millikan High school and joined QUEST. All my core classes are accelerated and I am taking an AP Human Geography class as a freshman. I am currently in orchestra and chorus and decided to join water polo to try something new.
LCS impacted me in numerous ways that will stay with me. The eighth grade El Paso Mission Trip was my favorite because I felt the Lord work through me to reach other people. I’ve noticed that LCS has also prepared me for many of my classes, but mostly LCS definitely helped me build my personal relationship with God.

Kristi (’12)
I am college freshman right now at Bob Jones University in South Carolina. My major is Early Childhood Education and I love it. I work at the childcare place on campus, teaching the teachers’ kids and also some of the local families’ kids as well.
When I went to LCS I had the opportunity to be a teacher’s aide. I worked in one of the Kindergarten classes and that is why I am a Early Childhood Education major. I loved working with Kindergarteners and now I am excited that I will get to work with them again as a teacher!

Kristi Morgan - Bob Jones University - www.bju.edu

Diego (’16)
I’m currently attending Samueli Academy in Orange County, focusing on the engineering pathway. I am starting my first season of high school basketball for the winter season. In the Spring I plan to try out for the volleyball team.
LCS gave me a strong educational foundation. It also strengthened my spiritual knowledge and helped me develop lifelong skills.

Nick (’06)

I just started my second contract in the Marines, wrapping up five years of service. I am a Non-Commissioned Officer, serving as a company communications technician. (I fix broken radios.)
I learned from LCS the power of fellowship, both in God and other believers. There is nothing more power than having a relationship with God and being surrounded by your bothers and sisters in Christ.

Heather (’05)
I graduated from the university of Washington Seattle in 2012. I teach dance and coach gymnastics in North Carolina. I am now preparing to attend graduate school for my MBA.
The best part of attending LCS (FBCOLS back in my day) was the opportunity to grow up slow. Pre-marital sex, drugs, and other awful things didn’t manage to enter my awareness until I was old enough to make wise choices, and by that time I had been surrounded by the word of God and his followers for so long I was able to coast through to adulthood with zero regrets in the choices I made.

Sean (’05)

I work private security and am a business owner teaching tactical medical classes and community first aid and other medical classes.
LCS (FBCOLS) gave me wonderful friendships I still have. I had great mentors and am still friends with former teachers.

Mackenzie (’16)

I’m a freshman at Valley high school. My interests are art and writing, so I am taking an art class. I am enjoying school. In my free time I like to write and draw, and of course read!

LCS is an amazing school! I made so many friends there and I enjoyed all the classes and the teachers. I really enjoyed my time at this school and it prepared me well for High School.


Cassie (’09)
God is constantly in my life, surrounding me with a very loving and caring family and wonderful friends. I am starting my fourth year at Long Beach City College studying to be a teacher. I work at LCS with Bear Club and attend church at Arbor Road where I am a youth leader for 4th and 5th grade ladies. I love playing soccer and I just started to learn how to play the violin.
The way LCS impacted my life was how God was shown through all the teachers that taught me all the years I attended school there. The way the teachers and staff shined with God’s love is the reason why I work at LCS and want to become a teacher some day. And because of this school I became a Christian in the 8th grade on the Texas missions trip and I have recently went to the Philippines in 2015 on a missions trip as well.