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It is essential that ALL the needed materials or information be submitted in order to process your application. Deadlines: Complete all steps prior to next committee meeting

  • 1st Deadline: April 16
  • 2nd Deadline: July 31
  • 3rd Deadline: November 1

It is essential that you complete all steps prior to the next committee meeting. ALL the needed materials or information must be submitted to Debbie Gire in order to process your application.

The Bill Teunissen Grant Committee will be meeting to evaluate your circumstances. They will contact you by letter to announce grants awarded and let you know the decision that has been made for your family regarding assistance.

Once you complete all the paperwork for BeneFAQ:

Provide LCS:

  • Your letter to committee

  • 1 Copy of CFA Tuition Assistance Application
  • 1 Copy of Tax Documents (IRS form 1040)
  • 1 Copy of 4 current pay stubs

Keep a complete copy of all paperwork for your own records

**Please note that without all of this complete information your application
will not be considered until the next semester’s committee meeting. **
Revised 7-15-2021

Lakewood Christian Schools Bill Teunissen Endowment Fund

Tuition Grant Program Guidelines for Applying Families


A. Lakewood Christian Schools Purpose
Lakewood Christian Schools’ purpose is to assist parents in the maturing of their children by providing a Christ-centered education emphasizing academic excellence that prepares students to stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ and be productive, responsible citizens at home, at church and in our community.

B. Lakewood Christian Schools Membership
Lakewood Christian Schools are members of the Association of Christian School International (ACSI).

C. Admissions Policy
Lakewood Christian Schools admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

D. Tuition Policy
Tuition may be paid:
1. In full by August 1. (If you are awarded a grant and you want to pay the tuition in full by August 1, you do not qualify for the extra 5% tuition discount.)
2. In eleven monthly payments beginning July 1 and ending May 1.
3. In ten monthly payments beginning August 1 and ending May 1.

A non-refundable application fee must be paid at the time of Application for Admittance.


The Bill Teunissen Endowment Fund has been established “To provide scholarships so that financially needy students may attend Lakewood Christian Schools.” As a result of the foresight, and generous gift of Mr. Bill Teunissen, a Tuition Grant Program has been established at Lakewood Christian Schools.


A. Introduction
It is the intention of Lakewood Christian Schools: Middle School, Elementary and Preschool, (LCS) that a child from a Christian home not be denied a Christ-centered education solely on the basis of family income. The primary purpose of the Tuition Grant Program is to provide tuition assistance to those families who, without such assistance, would be unable to send their children to Lakewood Christian Schools.
B. Who is eligible for Tuition Assistance?
All students of Lakewood Christian Schools are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.
The following guidelines will apply to all applicants:
1. Before a family can apply for assistance, they must be fully registered and accepted by Lakewood Christian Schools for the school year.
2. All families must fulfill all financial commitments from the previous year prior to applying for
assistance. (Consideration will be given here for the family who, although delinquent in account, took the
initiative to regularly communicate with the school concerning their situation.)
3. If the applicant is a member of the Tuition Grant Committee, they must first resign their position on the committee before applying for assistance.
C. Criteria for Determining Amount of Aid
The following Primary and Secondary criteria will be utilized to help determine both the qualification and need level for each applicant. Primary criteria is that which will have a direct bearing on the amount of aid.

1. Primary Criteria
A family’s FACT (Financial Anticipated Contribution Total) report as determined by the
Independent Tuition Analysis Company—BeneFAQ (Benevolent Financial Aid Qualification).
2. Secondary Criteria
a. Demonstrated past willingness to contribute time and talent within the Lakewood Christian Schools Ministry.
b. Other extraordinary circumstances communicated to the Bill Teunissen Tuition Grant Committee in writing that are deemed relevant by the committee.


Tuition grants will typically be awarded at levels equaling 20%, 35%, or 50% of total tuition. Awards in excess of 50% must be approved unanimously by the Bill Teunissen Tuition Grant Committee AND by 2/3 of the School Board. No awards will ever exceed 2/3 of tuition costs. Awards will be pro-rated and credited monthly during the school year.

The Tuition Grant Application Process
A. Register for School
1. Submit completed, signed Lakewood Christian Schools Application for Admission Form
2. Pay non-refundable Registration Fee
3. Pass the entrance test
4. Meet with School Administrator
B. Complete a Tuition Assistance Application
C. Send the following to “BeneFAQ” (Benevolent Financial Aid Qualification)
1. Tuition Assistance Application
2. Photocopy of last year’s 1040 Tax Form
3. $35 online
D. Provide to the school, for committee review, the following:
1. Photocopy of the Tuition Assistance Application
2. Photocopy of last year’s 1040 Tax Form (with applicable schedules)
3. A copy of 4 current paystubs
4. A signed, written letter indicating what your financial need is.


A. The Bill Teunissen Tuition Grant Committee will meet in April to review all applications completed prior
to April 16.
B. If funds remain available:
The committee will meet in August to review all applications received by August 10.
C. The committee will meet in December to review applications (for the 2nd half of the school year) received
between August 10 and December 10.
D. The Chairman of the Tuition Grant Committee may call an emergency meeting, if needed.


Parents who apply for tuition grants will receive written notification 2-3 weeks following the committee meetings in April, August, and December.


Tuition Grants will be discontinued if:
A. Parents fail to keep their portion of tuition payments current.
B. Student recipients become serious discipline problems.
C. Parent’s views, attitudes and/or actions are not in agreement with the school’s philosophy and policies.


Tuition Grant Awards will be for a maximum of one school year. All parents are eligible to re-apply annually.

Tuition Grant Program Guidelines