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Mission Statement and Core Values

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Mission Statement

The purpose of Lakewood Christian Schools is the same as Arbor Road Church; To know God and make Him known. The mission of Lakewood Christian Schools is to assist parents in the maturing of their children by providing a Christ-centered education emphasizing academic excellence that prepares students to stand firm in their faith in Jesus Christ, and be productive, responsible citizens at home, at church and in our community. The Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, and Academy will work together to provide a distinct experience for each developmental stage while remaining cohesive to serve families with children from two years and 9 months old to twelfth grade.

Core Values

  • SERVING THE FAMILY – To assist the home and local church in producing well-rounded young people who know Jesus Christ personally, who are excited about who they are and what they are doing, and who are prepared for adolescent responsibilities.
  • PROVIDING THE TRUTH – To provide a Christ-centered educational program which is based on the authoritative Word of God that utilizes educational resources reflecting a Christian world view and following Biblical principles in all of our practices, policies, and guidelines.
  • ACHIEVING ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – To persevere in achieving the highest scholastic education available.
  • LIFELONG APPRECIATION FOR LEARNING – To instill an insatiable love for learning that will drive students to study long after leaving the halls of Lakewood Christian Schools.
  • EQUIPPING THE STUDENT – To equip students to evangelize and disciple others and to encourage involvement in practical ministry opportunities through sharing our mission, goals and vision to a needy world.
  • MODELING THE SAVIOR – To employ mature Christian faculty and staff members who minister to their students, families, and community by word and action.
  • BALANCING THE RESOURCES – To balance gifts, tuition and financial aid, with salaries, expenses and our vision for the future.
  • UNIFYING THE BODY – To offer a Christian education which unifies the body of Christ, and encourages an appreciation for all Christendom in accordance with Biblical principles and our Statement of Faith.