Community Service

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We love to support our community!

  • Many of our students write letters to our soldiers serving our country.
  • We walk down and bless our local Alzheimer’s care facility with songs.
  • LCS Band performs at many local events blessing people with music.
  • Our Video Club produces videos for the community through Public Service Announcements and more.
  • Our Drama Club annually performs a free play for Preschoolers in our community.
  • Each year at Thanksgiving we enjoy a food drive for the needy.  We partner with Arbor Road Church to make complete meals for families in our local community.  Any extra donations go to fill our church’s pantry with food for the homeless throughout the year.
  • On a volunteer basis we encourage our students to participate in local run/walk events.

These are just a few examples of ways we are actively involved in our community.

Serving And Loving Time

As part of our Middle School Bible curriculum we include “SALT” which stands for “Serving and Loving Time” – every week the students love others by serving. This can be surprising their sibling by doing their chores or mowing the lawn for a neighbor. As they serve they record their time spent and this is part of their homework grade. Service does not always come naturally and this helps students to learn how to serve and the benefit is how exciting it is to love one another.

Chapel Offerings

Every year we support a missionary or missions organization. We do this through our weekly Chapel offerings.
2016-2017 Mission Project: Children of the Promise
This year our chapel offering is going to a wonderful organization called Children of the Promise.  This is an organization near and dear to the heart of LCS.  Mrs. Jenny Groen was a 5th grade teacher here at LCS before she and her husband left to join COTP in Haiti in 2009.  A year later they returned to the US, with three additions to their family, 3 sweet Haitian babies, and a bun in the oven.  Now, as a family of 7, soon to be 8, the family resides in Minnesota. Mr. Groen remains a Director for COTP.  To learn more about this organization please visit their website at http://childrenofthepromise.org, and thank you for your prayers, help and support in their efforts.
Here is a recent picture of the Groen Family.

2015-2016 Mission Project: The Guiday Family in Nepal

This year we were blessed to support a family in Nepal that Mrs. Barton, Miss Norton, and Miss Davidson the previous year while building a playground at the International Graduate School of Leadership in the Philippines.  The Guiday family had just graduated from IGSL and had moved back to Nepal to return to their ministry there when the devastating earthquakes hit last April/May.  Please continue to pray for this pastor and his family as they restore physically and spiritually.

2014-2015 Mission Project: Building a Playground in the Philippines! (Kids Around the World)

As a partnership with Arbor Road Church and Kids Around the World, LCS students raised funds to help build a playground for kids whose parents were studying at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manilla, Philippines.  In the springtime, Mrs. Barton, Miss Norton and Miss Davidson (now Mrs. McElhaney!) flew to the Philippines with a crew from Arbor Road Church to help build the playground.